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FlooringOS: The Ultimate Software for Residential Flooring Dealers

A Seamless Flooring Ecosystem

FlooringOS harmonizes every facet of your residential flooring business. Data syncs automatically across the platform, ensuring all departments are aligned and informed. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a unified team. Consider this: Input a promotional offer once, and it's instantly reflected on your sales order, job costing, purchase order, and billing pages. Empower your operations. Instantly access real-time updates on job statuses, orders, materials, and more.

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Maximize Every Job's Profit Potential

During FlooringOS setup, we tailor job costing formulas to your specific overheads and operational parameters. The result? Precise, real-time job costing, displayed directly on your sales order screen. You'll gain clear insight into your profitability—or areas of concern—long before a job concludes.

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Profit Potential
Supplier Integrations

Streamline Operations with Direct Supplier Integrations

One-click access to supplier catalogs, pricing updates, and more. Reduce data entry hours and eliminate potential errors.

Our advanced FlooringOS B2B integrations connect you to major suppliers, offering real-time updates on product catalogs, price lists, purchase orders, shipping notifications, and more. Additionally, benefit from exclusive insights like special territory manager pricing or discontinued product alerts.

What sets us apart? FlooringOS users employ our B2B technology more extensively than competitors, thanks to its precision, ease of use, and comprehensive inclusion.

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Empower Decisions with Data-Driven Reporting

Maximize Your Investment in Flooring Software

With FlooringOS, gain instant access to a plethora of business, financial, labor, and product profitability reports. React proactively, using real-time data, and pivot your business strategies with confidence.

Our "Snapshot" feature grants residential flooring business owners instant, secure insights into vital stats like monthly profits, checkbook balances, and more.

Embrace the adage: "Knowledge is power." With FlooringOS, elevate to unprecedented heights.

Dive into Data-Driven Power!
Data-Driven Reporting
FlooringOS Devices

FlooringOS Across Devices

FlooringOS Across Devices

Our suite of residential flooring tools is founded on proven technology. FlooringOS promises accuracy, speed, and unmatched efficiency. Our highly-praised support team is committed to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring you harness the software's full potential.

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