Our Mission Statement
The Intent of Flooring OS


We Help Customers First

Our team Helps, Serves, Supports, Listens to, Understands, Protects, Learns from, Responds to, Delivers to, Empowers, and Delights… our Customers First.

The success of your partnership with a service provider has three important attributes: alignment, functional, and financial.

  1. Alignment – Do your partner’s mission and guiding principles align with your organization, and do their mission and principles serve you? For example, does your partner make decisions that benefit not just themselves but the industry, and do they work with and listen to their clients to build solutions and achieve success for all? We strive to align with the needs of our customers first.
  2. Functional - Does their service meet your needs, provide the best practices, the most intuitive and efficient methods, and increase the velocity and profitability of your business? Does it leverage developments within the industry to ensure your use of their services gives you an advantage? We strive to meet and exceed the features and needs of our customers first.
  3. Financial - Does the partnership make financial sense? Is the pricing fair? Does the service justify its expense with better practices, processes, or insights than alternatives that are available? We strive to ensure that our pricing is competitive, fair, and affordable to serve our customers first.

We believe these three attributes allow us to enable you to be fiercely successful in a competitive and dynamic market. With these values, our Customers will choose us First.